Vivaro B with tailgate Bike Carrier Production date 2014 Aug. until 2019 Mar.

Production date 2014 Aug. until 2019 Mar.

*The carrier shown may differ from the version you selected.

Renault Vivaro B Bike carrier with light bar in loading position
Renault Vivaro B Bike carrier with light bar and loaded with bike
Renault Vivaro B Bike carrier with light bar in standby position
Additional rear light bar required with bike transport.For the installation of the additional rear light bar the Controller is needed.

Basic information

Production date: 2014 Aug. until 2019 Mar.
Carrier is suited for the transport up-to 3 bikes.
Maximum load up to 60 Kg.
Drill-free mounting
Suitable for e-bikes



5 years warranty

Made in Germany
Carrier is suited for the transport up-to 3 bikes.
Maximum load up to 60 Kg.

Drill-free mounting


5 years warranty

Made in Germany

Shipping within: within 48 hours

Suitable for e-bikes

Bike mounting
Extension for the 3rd bike
Light bar
Theft Protection
Tailgate positioner
Wall brackets

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Products description

Equipped with a Paulchen bicycle carrier for Your Opel Vivaro B nothing can stop Your great trip. Comprehensive accessories adapt the Paulchen to Your individual needs. A quick and easy fastening and safe transport is ensured.

Product features

  • The bicycle carrier and the bike holders are perfectly suitable for e-bikes. The max. load amounts up to 60 Kg. This corresponds to 3 bicycles or 2 E-Bikes.
  • You have the possibility to extend the carrier for a 3rd. bicycle. Please use extension type A.
  • The platform of the carrier is adjustable. Due to the position of the rear lights of Your car You will need an additional rear light bar with integrated licence plate holder. Für den Anschluss der Lichtleiste wird der Controller benötigt.
  • The platform can be folded to the rack. Therefor Your car won’t be elongated and searching for a parking space will be no problem.
  • The vehicle-specific parts are equipped with the Paulchen paint protection.
  • For the mounting of the carrier You will need two 10 mm and one 13 mm open-ended or socket wrench. There is no need to drill holes in the bodywork.
  • The access to the boot and usage of the rear wiper is guaranteed with the carrier mounted.
  • This bike carrier is suitable for Opel Vivaro B YOM 2014 Aug. until 2019 Mar.. It must not be used universally for other car models. Ein Umbau auf andere Fahrzeuge ist aber möglich. An adaptation to another car model is possible. Here You find information to the Paulchen System and to the carrier conversion.

Optional accessories

We supply a Comprehensive range of accessories. For this car model You can use the following accessories.

  • Rear light bar

    You have to take care that the bicycles don’t cover the rear lights of Your car. If it isn’t possible to achieve this by vertically adjusting the platform, You may use the rear light bar we offer. We offer different variations[?].
  • Controller

    If Your car is equipped with a BUS system (e.g. CAN-BUS) You will need the "controller" to connect the rear light bar to the vehicle electrics. The "controller" is an electronic control element that controls the rear light bar, without interfering with the on-board computer of Your car. The controller picks up the signal at the rear lights of your car. The power supply is provided by a 12 Volt socket in Your car. This may be a socket in the boot or any cigarette lighter socket.
  • Carrier theft protection

    The theft protection secures the carrier to the tailgate of Your car.
  • Tailgate positioner

    Mostly the gas pressure absorbers won’t hold the additional weight of the carrier. We recommend to use the "Heckklappenaufsteller" which locks the opened tailgate in place.
    * The ‘Heckklappenaufsteller’ may only be used with an empty carrier.
  • Wall brackets

    The wall mount is used to store the carrier in the garage or basement. The wall mount can also be used as a space saving bicycle stand.
  • A German manual is included with delivery.

Customer reviews:

Evaluation: 5 of 5 Stars! (5/5)

Durchdachtes Trägerkonzept mit indivuduellen Anpassungsmöglichkeiten. Sehr stabile Qualität mit hoher Passgenauigkeit die ohne Schäden am Fahrzeug montiert werden können. Habe bereits 2 Fahrzeuge mit dem langlebigen System ausgestattet.

Author:  am 12/04/2019


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Manufacturer: Paulchen Heckträger System e.K.
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Vivaro B 5 of 5 stars!

Durchdachtes Trägerkonzept mit indivuduellen Anpassungsmögl-i