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What are the trends for e-bikes in 2024, which bike carriers with and without tow bars for e-bikes do we offer at Paulchen? What safety standards do they meet?

Paulchen rear carrier for two to three e-bikes

Paulchen rear carrier for 2-3 e-bikes

We have a suitable, safe and sturdy rear carrier or bike rack for e-bikes for almost every model of car. This includes cars with tow bars, cars without tow bars and cars with hinged doors. All our models comply with safety standards.

This means that we have the solution for e-bikes that are already on the market and also for new models with smaller motors that will be on the market from 2024. New e-bike trends will bring a breath of fresh air to the cycling world from 2024.

E-bike trends 2024 - E-bike bike carrier/rear rack

According to Kalkhoff Magazine, there are 5 major e-bike trends that we can expect to see from 2024 onwards:

  • Integrated ABS (anti-lock braking system) to prevent accidents
  • Lightweight e-bikes weighing up to 20 kg
  • Small e-bike motors with ideal power output, e.g. from Bosch Bosch (source: vit:bikes on YouTube)
  • Range extenders (extra batteries) for longer trips
  • Connectivity with GPS, apps, fitness tracking, anti-theft systems for more smart digital smarts

There's a lot in store for the cycling world and the e-bike industry, that's for sure. But what do the consumer numbers say? Are people actually riding more and more bikes and e-bikes?

The world of cycling is changing - E-bikes are in high demand

Rear carrier for e-bikes on the road

Rear carrier for e-bikes on the road

By 2022, 2.2 million electric bicycles or e-bikes will have been sold in Germany alone, and the trend is rising. There are now around 10 million e-bikes on the roads and cycle paths of the German Cycle Route Network between Flensburg and Sonthofen. The electric bikes are used to get to work, for trips into town or the countryside, and are a must for holidays. But how do I transport my e-bike in my car? With the right bike carrier on your car, you can get your e-bike to your destination not only safely (with an extra lock) but also comfortably. In this article you will find out what makes Paulchen's transport solutions for your e-bike so special and how to choose the perfect bike rack or rear carrier (also for the hinged doors of the VW Bus or Opel Vivaro)) for your car.

Safe transport of e-bikes by car

E-bikes also only have 2 wheels, a saddle and a handlebar. Basically, an ebike is no different from a conventional bike except for one small detail. While a conventional bike weighs between 8 and 18 kg, some e-bikes are real heavyweights. Current models can weigh up to 25 kg. For this reason, mounting your e-bike on the roof rack is not a suitable option. A much more practical solution is to use a rear carrier, which can be attached to the tailgate or liftgate, or to the towing hook (AHK)), and can even be folded down. This allows you to transport your e-bike safely in your car. In addition, the boot of the towbar model (towbar charger) remains accessible without having to unload the e-bikes first. This is particularly useful when travelling or on short breaks.

We offer ideal solutions for almost any vehicle, as our Paulchen bike carriers and rear-mounted e-bike carriers can all be customised to fit almost any vehicle model. Up to 4 bicycles or 2-3 e-bikes can be carried, depending on the weight and towbar load.

Rear carrier and bike rack for e-bikes and children's bikes - Fahrradträger Manufaktur Paulchen Hamburg

The 3 Paulchen bike carriers for e-bikes & safe transport

Centre loader bike carrier for e-bikes on the tailgate

The classic Paulchen rear carrier is our tried and tested traditional product for transporting e-bikes on the tailgate of your car. Whether it is a family van, SUV or estate car, our rear carriers are designed to transport e-bikes safely and easily from A to B. The medium-height loading position with a slight slope in the direction of travel ensures favourable aerodynamics. The result is low fuel consumption and maximum stability and safety on every journey, thanks to the use of precision steel tubing.

Depending on your car and your height, the position of the rear carrier is approximately at hip height. This means that the e-bike has to be lifted to load it. If this is too heavy or inconvenient for you, our designers have another perfect solution for you: The Paulchen low loader, also a rear carrier.

Low loader bike carrier for e-bike transport without trailer hitch

With the Paulchen e-bike carrier, you get the lowest loading position of all bicycle and e-bike carriers on the market. This also applies to electric mountain bikes. The low loader is not a stand-alone model, but a practical extension to your standard Paulchen rear carrier or centre loader. It is suitable for vehicles without a tow bar. You attach the basic carrier to the rear of your car and add our low loader extension as required. With a payload of up to 50 kilograms, transporting your e-bikes is no problem, depending on the vehicle model. Once you have arrived at your destination, you can easily detach the low loader from the base carrier or simply fold it up. When folded, the low loader is very short, which makes parking in tight spaces much easier. Our e-bike low loader is probably the most convenient way to transport your e-bike safely and easily by car without a tow bar. If your car has a towbar, you may also be interested in our third option, the towbar-mounted e-bike or electric bike carrier.

Our e-bike racks or rear-mounted e-bike racks are fitted to the rear of your car and provide ample space and wide rails for e-bikes. This ensures easy loading and fuel-saving transport of e-bikes, because we stand for safety.

Coupling loader car bike carrier - e-bike transport with trailer coupling

The Paulchen hitch-mounted bike carrier is our all-rounder when it comes to transporting e-bikes on the towbar. Originally, we developed the coupling loader for all "Paulchen owners" who own a car with a trailer coupling. However, the electric bike enthusiasts did not want to miss out on the tried and tested Paulchen quality and the existing bike rack system. This solution has become one of our most popular products for e-bikes: The towbar bike carrier for e-bikes for the towbar. It is easy to load with 2 to 3 e-bikes, can be folded down when not in use and allows a payload of up to 70 kg. The permissible drawbar load of your car or towbar is very important for all towbar carriers.

The permitted drawbar load of your trailer coupling can be found in the vehicle registration document under point 13. When calculating the load, take into account both the weight of your e-bike and the weight of our Paulchen coupling loader. The towbar loader fits all towbars, can be converted or retrofitted at any time and is compatible with all Paulchen accessories.

Rear carrier for e-bikes - safety & fuel consumption

Safety and fuel consumption play a significant role when buying a bike rack, regardless of whether for an ordinary or an electric bike. Apart from the significantly increased comfort when loading and unloading the e-bikes, transporting the bikes at the rear of the car offers 2 further advantages: A low centre of gravity and transport in the slipstream. Both advantages belong to the area of driving dynamics that are familiar and loved by those who enjoy travelling economically and ecologically in their cars. However, high cornering speeds and a fast "go-kart feeling" play a subordinate role in the bike carrier sector. Rather, when using rear or coupling carriers, you benefit from a centre of gravity that, unlike with roof racks, is not shifted upwards. The vehicle is much easier to control, especially in dangerous situations.

With the high fuel prices, you should not disregard parameters such as "air resistance". The larger the surface area, the more power the engine has to produce in order to reach the desired speed. More motor power means higher fuel consumption. If you transport e-bikes on the roof, the air resistance increases and more fuel is consumed. With our rear carriers or towbar carriers for e-bikes, the bikes disappear almost entirely into the slipstream of the car. The air resistance remains low.

Paulchen systems - advantages for the transport of e-bikes

For 40 years, Paulchen bike racks have been accompanying people on their journeys as compact and modular solutions.

Changing your vehicle? No problem, because with our mounting kits for every vehicle, you can quickly and inexpensively adapt your Paulchen rear carrier to your new car. So far, so good. But perhaps you didn't know that yet: We also offer you a unique, modular concept for attaching e-bikes to your vehicle for the optimum transport solution.

Economy Class: For "infrequent travellers"

Our Economy Class e-bike carriers are ideal if you only rarely take your e-bike with you, for example once a year on your summer holiday. This bike carrier uses straps to secure the e-bikes. You cannot use a lock to secure your bike in Economy Class.

Comfort Class: The universal solution

Are you looking for a rear carrier for your e-bike that is easy to use and also offers theft protection? Our Comfort Class e-bike carriers come with handy clamps and extra straps that attach to the bike's rim. They secure e-bikes, e-mountain bikes and bicycles, including children's bikes, during the journey. A lock ensures that e-bikes cannot be unloaded without authorisation.

Comfort class Plus: For more comfort

The upgrade for significantly more comfort when loading is our Comfort Class Plus solution. This version combines the universally usable, practical frame holder of the Comfort Class with the belt-free telescopic bicycle rails of the First Class range. The bike holder is lockable.

First Class: More premium is not possible

If you always carry your e-bike along and don't want to lose any time loading and unloading it? Our First Class bike holders are the key to spontaneous, hassle-free bike transport. Simply set up the bike racks once, load the e-bikes, secure them and you're done. No straps, no tools, but a high-quality locking mechanism: more premium comfort when transporting your e-bikes with the bike rack is hardly possible.

Quality from the Paulchen bike rack manufacturer in Hamburg - companions for many years

Thanks to their quality, the bike racks will last for decades with proper care. If parts need to be replaced, you can easily reorder them from us via our online shop. It is not necessary to order a new bike rack or rear carrier straight away. This is part of our operational sustainability concept at Paulchen Bicycle Carrier Manufactory from Hamburg.

The replacement parts are available for carriers for all types of bikes and, of course, for all types of e-bike rear carriers (with or without towbar). The one-off investment is worthwhile, as our bike carriers fit almost all vehicles by installing other rails and the corresponding fastening elements. We also have additional locks and aluminium boxes in stock and can deliver them quickly. We use a very reliable shipping partner with whom exact delivery dates can also be agreed.

Our rear racks are manufactured in Germany, partly in classic handcraft at the production bench of our bike rack manufactory in the beautiful Nordic city of Hamburg. We focus on designs that are customised to the vehicle, the family and lifestyle and, above all, to personal needs. Thanks to the universal flexibility of the bike carriers, it is possible to switch from an SUV to a family estate car, for example, and adapt the carrier accordingly The rails also fit on the new vehicle. We can easily supply all the necessary parts. It is therefore possible to switch from a bike rack for an e-bike to one for a cargo bike. Our rear carriers can be adapted to almost any car in no time at all by replacing vehicle-specific mounting modules. They are adapted to the body of the vehicle or vehicle model so as not to damage the paintwork.

We have been producing high-quality bike racks for 40 years and therefore have the necessary experience.

By the way, we have a wide range of accessories for all transport requirements, such as snowboards and skis, luggage and transport boxes, cargo bikes, dog scooters and children's bikes..

E-bike bike rack key data - essentials at a glance

Your Paulchen for e-bike transport is your reliable companion for many years, no matter where your life may take you. The load limit is up to 70 kg and 3 to 4 bikes, depending on the weight. Thanks to the unique modular design, the system can be taken over when changing vehicles and expanded with additional elements. This saves resources, time and money. The material is robust and protected against rust. The bike racks are tested for safety, easy to fit and can be removed in 1-2 minutes. They can also be folded down, depending on the model, after unloading the bikes or e-bikes, which saves space and fuel.

We at Paulchen wish you lots of fun with the bike carriers for e-bikes & bikes & a safe journey on all sides. By the way, we also offer the matching licence plate for the bike rack.

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Compatibility questions:

Whether for the towbar, tailgate or for vehicles without a towbar, our bike carriers for e-bikes are suitable for almost all vehicle models. As a general rule, the ideal carrier for e-bikes must be able to carry the weight of the bikes. We produce e-bike carriers that can carry loads of up to 70 kg. This means, depending on the weight and authorised drawbar load of the vehicle, bike carriers for 2 to 3 e-bikes. All models are rear carriers.
Yes, the Paulchen bike carrier or rear carrier can carry up to 70 kg, depending on the vehicle and approved load. This means up to 3 or 4 bikes, depending on the weight of the e-bikes. The maximum payload must always be observed. However, it must be borne in mind that e-bikes and e-mountainbikes weigh more than normal bikes and place a greater load on the rear carrier, which is why not every vehicle or vehicle model can be used to transport more than 2 bikes. From 2024, lighter e-bikes, so-called lightweight e-bikes, will be available on the market, more on this in the e-bike trends 2024.
Paulchen rear carriers can carry loads of up to 70 kg. This means 3 to 4 bikes, depending on the vehicle model and specific bike carrier model. The bike carriers for e-bikes are also approved for up to 70 kg. With the new lightweight e-bike models, more than 2 e-bikes can be transported.
Yes, our rear carriers can be flexibly extended at any time. However, this is not necessary if you want to transport e-bikes. E-bikes and e-mountain bikes also fit on the rails of our bike carriers for all models. You only need to fit additional rails to transport a third or possibly fourth e-bike if only two rails are available. However, please be sure to observe the maximum permissible load of your vehicle.
Yes, you can easily transport e-bikes of different sizes on the Paulchen rear carrier at the same time, including e-bikes and children's bikes.
Yes, of course, we offer you all the spare parts and customised accessories you need for e-bikes directly on our website. We can also supply you with replacement parts for your Paulchen's e-bike bike carrier or rear carrier.
Our bike racks and rear carriers are made from high-quality hot-dip galvanised and plastic-coated frames. This makes them stable, robust, durable and, above all, sustainable, which is important to us as a bicycle manufacturer from Hamburg. This creates a long-lasting friendship with your little Paulchen.
Paulchen rear carriers are designed to prevent damage to the paintwork of your car/vehicle and van or VW bus (Bulli) thanks to special coatings and padding applied to the contact points. All parts that have direct contact with your car are moulded specifically for your vehicle to prevent scratches or dents to the bodywork.
The Paulchen bike rack for e-bikes is also suitable for Tesla models and the new VW Multivan T7. All the available models are listed in our shop. The maximum payload is up to 70 kg, 2 to 3 e-bikes (lightweight). The bike carriers are suitable for all wheel sizes and also for the tailgate.
The Paulchen rear carrier for aluminium boxes is also suitable for overlanders looking for a luggage carrier for Morocco or crossing Africa. It is easy to mount and foldable to reduce its size if required. When the luggage load is removed, the tailgate can be opened. Paulchen luggage racks are particularly suitable for models such as the VW T3 Syncro or Mercedes T1, Land Rover, Defender or Jeeps. It is particularly suitable for smaller vehicles with a roof tent as it is robust, can carry a load of up to 70 kg and provides additional storage space outside the vehicle. Spare parts can be reordered at any time and we deliver outside the EU. Our carriers comply with safety standards, are produced in a resource-saving manner and are stable. However, they can be dismantled in just a few minutes.
We offer 4 x 4 rear carriers for tailgates or gullwing doors for many models, whether VW T3, Mercedes T1, Land Rover, Defender or Jeep. They are suitable for tailgates, towbars and even for models without towbars. The maximum load is up to 70 kg. We also offer aluminium boxes with 93 litres and 142 litres. Delivery is also available outside the EU, the models are stable, safe and robust against corrosion. If a model is not available, we can manufacture customised products. As the Hamburg Paulchen bike rack manufacturer, we can offer customised products because we do not manufacture industrially on an assembly line.
Basically, we offer 3 different rear carrier models as bicycle carriers The hitch loader, the low loader and the centre loader (rear carrier). The difference lies in the height of the attachment and the location of the vehicle. If a trailer coupling is available, the coupling loader is suitable. Since it is very low, heavy bicycles and e-bikes in particular only need to be lifted to a low height. For vehicles without a towbar, either the low loader or the centre loader is suitable. The centre loader is attached to the tailgate of the car and replaces the trailer coupling. They can carry loads of up to 70 kg, are stable, resistant to corrosion and will last for many years. Bicycles of all sizes can be transported, including children's bikes. Our rear carriers are also suitable for travelling the world and overlanding. In this installation video (source: Holly & James on YouTube), the easy installation on the VW T3 is explained and tested.
Any Paulchen rear rack can be easily removed from the vehicle in 1-2 minutes. The bike carriers/ carriers for e-bikes do not have to remain permanently attached to the car.Our cleverly designed folding solutions allow you to leave your rear carrier on the vehicle at all times by simply folding it away. Depending on the model, they may need to be removed first. With the towbar, they can remain on the vehicle.
Yes, Paulchen bike carriers and rear racks are suitable for electric and hybrid cars. Many models are already listed in our shop. If you cannot find your model, please send us a message using the contact form and we will get back to you with a specific solution.
We usually deliver within 5 working days if we receive your order by 11am and the model is in stock. For more information on delivery times please click here. It usually takes 72 hours from the time your order is placed to it being handed over to the courier.
Our bike racks and rear carriers are suitable for almost all models, even Tesla and Smart. In our Shop you will find a huge selection of over 3000 different bike carriers, including those suitable for e-bikes.
Yes, we are still around and we are very proud of that. We have been on the market for over 40 years now, producing robust and safe bike carriers as well as e-bike carriers. Our bike carriers and rear carriers can carry loads of up to 70 kg and are even suitable for off-road adventures. Find out more about our history on our website. And where does the name Paulchen actually come from?
In our Paulchen shop for bike carriers and rear racks, including for e-bikes, you will find the right carrier for almost every bike model. Click here to visit the shop.
Information on Paulchen's sustainability philosophy can be found in our sustainability report.
The bike racks and rear carriers are manufactured in Germany, in the beautiful north of the country, in Hamburg. In 2023, people are still working by hand in the bicycle rack factory. The concept of the family business is attention to detail. And this is reflected in the fact that no industrial production is part of the company.
Yes, Paulchen's doors are open. Feel free to make an appointment online by email or phone and visit us. If required, we can also install the carrier for you directly on site in Hamburg. You'll find us right next to Globus. Click here for Google Maps & directions.
Comparable commercially available rear and e-bike carriers cost from €450 and range up to €2000. We offer our bike carriers at a good value for money. Prices vary depending on the model of vehicle. The decisive additional advantage of Paulchen rear carriers: With Paulchen you save money when changing vehicles, because only the mounting parts need to be replaced. Everything else can continue to be used without any problems. In this respect, Paulchen pays for itself twice over. Talking about price: Compared to other suppliers, Paulchen costs a little more because of its quality, but in terms of value for money, we stay on the same level.
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