The history of Paulchen

The history of our bike carrier

Paulchen's history

The story of Paulchen began in the late 1970s and had its roots in an unusual idea. Volkmar Kerkow became the inventor of the bicycle rack when he built the first prototype for his own use on a VW bus. The innovative idea and practical alternative to the roof rack caught on like wildfire. The high utility value and interest from his own circle of friends and acquaintances prompted the then 30-year-old entrepreneur to become self-employed. That was more than 40 years ago. By the way, the unique name of the company - PAULCHEN - originated in the family circle. "At the time, we were looking for a somewhat folksy brand name to symbolize our packhorse. Since then, the small business has grown into a medium-sized development and production center. A lot has changed since then, but the company has remained true to its original idea of making tailor-made rear carriers from high-quality materials.

As if your car had come off the production line with PAULCHEN...

This is what sets us apart from conventional universal carriers. The PAULCHEN rear carrier integrates seamlessly into your vehicle and does not look like a foreign object. PAULCHEN focuses on precise customisation and perfection down to the last detail. In addition to the now largely standardized basic carriers, specially manufactured mounting kits are offered separately for each (!) vehicle type. A decisive additional advantage: when changing vehicles, Paulchen saves you money because you only have to replace the mounting elements. Everything else can still be used. This makes Paulchen twice as worthwhile. Talking about prices: Compared to other suppliers, Paulchen costs a little more because of its quality, but in terms of value for money, we are pretty much on the same level. The special Paulchen bike carriers are offered in three different equipment classes: "Economy, Comfort and First Class. A wide range of accessories for skis, luggage and water sports completes the range. The user-friendly handling allows even inexperienced users to easily assemble the system and all accessories for the first time. The PAULCHEN racks, which can be fitted and removed in a matter of minutes, are TÜV-free and have received top marks in many media tests.

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