Bike carrier accessories

Paulchen offers a wide range of accessories
whether for the bike rack, hitch rack or load carrier. At Paulchen there is a solution for everything!

Theft protection

If you do not have your Paulchen in view, we offer the following solutions.

  • Theft protection for the basic carrier
  • Theft protection for the comfort load extension
  • Lockable knurled nut is used as Theft protection for
    • Comfort Class and Comfort Class Plus bicycle holder system
    • The bus carriers T4, T5, T6, and many more vans.
Anti-theft device for the basic carrier
Theft protection for the basic carrier
Anti-theft device for the comfort load extension
Theft protection for the comfort load extension
Lockable knurled nut
Lockable knurled nut

Tailgate stand to shorten yourself
Tailgate stand
Wall bracket for rear carrier attachment
Wall mount


  • Tailgate stand
    • If the tailgate does not carry the additional weight of Paulchen. Simply inserting into the gas pressure damper.
  • Wall mount
    • For practical storage of your rear carrier, whether in the basement or the garage.

Road safety

  • Additional tail lights (L3 / L4)
    • if the vehicle lights are obscured, it must be repeated. A vehicle-side connector is included. The additional lighting is connected inside in parallel to the original lights and the plug is simply placed outside if necessary.
    • Version with light-emitting diodes (LED)
    • Available in 2 different versions
      • As a parallel connection with branch connectors
      • As a direct connection with a 13-pin plug for the hitch
  • License plate holder
    • If the load covers the license plate. (for plates with a max. width of 520 mm and a hight of 110 mm)

  • Controller (for the Additional tail lights L1 / L2)
    • is required for connecting the Additional tail lights L1 / L2 if the vehicle has a BUS system (electronic monitoring of the vehicle electrics).
Bike rack Additional tail lights
Additional tail lights (Parallel)
Tail lights Controller
Tail lights Controller
License plate holder
License plate holder

Luggage transport

For large and small transportation.

  • Luggage struts
    • To create additional support and attachment points. The aspirations can infinitely adjustable both in the vertical basic carrier and in the foldable load frame.
  • Elastic straps, with stainless steel hooks
  • Tension belt, with metal clamp closure
  • Luggage boxes
    • For weather-protected transport, we offer lockable aluminum luggage boxes
      with a volume of 93 l or 142 l.
Elastic straps
Elastic straps
Luggage struts
Luggage struts
Tension belt
Tension belt
Luggage boxes
Luggage boxes

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