General accessories / spare parts

for the Paulchen bike carrier family.

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Bosch Wiperblade A230H


Item no.: 120350

Connection brace


Item no.: 199600

Wall mounting for tow bar carrier


Item no.: 120501

Clamping rubber


Item no.: R602004

3-mm pin wrench


Item no.: R605014

No image available

Einschubbügel für Teleskopschiene M

70 mm

Item no.: R302002

Set of clamping jaws, 50 mm


Item no.: 199292

Bungee cords 2 pcs.


Item no.: 120200

Set of clamping jaws, 100 mm


Item no.: 199291

Set of spanners


Item no.: 110326

Spare tire adapter for VW Bus T4


Item no.: 160100

Screw set for clamping jaws


Item no.: 199293

mounting set for plate holder


Item no.: 110318

Paint pen Black


Item no.: 331430

pipe plugs 10 pcs


Item no.: 110720

mounting set for platform


Item no.: 110855

cover cap for carrier lock


Item no.: R503015

License plate holder


Item no.: 331303

set tensioning screws M8

für Bus T4/T5

Item no.: 199406

Knurled brass nut M6


Item no.: R203009

Bike carrier license plate


Item no.: 331313

end plug for platform


Item no.: R503021

No image available

Split pin 2 pcs.


Item no.: 199581

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