Espace IV Bike Carrier Production date 2002 Nov bis 2014 Dec.

Production date 2002 Nov bis 2014 Dec.

Basic information

Production date: 2002 Nov bis 2014 Dec.
Model series: JK
Carrier is suited for the transport up-to 3 Bikes.
Maximum load up to 60 Kg.
Drill-free mounting
Suitable fpr E-bikes

delivery capability


5 years warranty

Made in Germany
Carrier is suited for the transport up-to 3 Bikes.
Maximum load up to 60 Kg.

Drill-free mounting


5 years warranty

Made in Germany

delivery capability
Shipping within: 72 Hours

Suitable fpr E-bikes

Bike mounting
Extension for the 3rd bike
Comfort load expansion
Light bar
Theft protection
Comfort load theft protection
Tailgate positioner
Wall brackets

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Products description

Bike carrier

Paulchen bike carrier for the Renault Espace IV (JK) , YOM 2002 Dec. to

The bike carrier is clamped on the tailgate. The cargo area (load frame) of the bicycle carrier can be continuously adjusted in height. The assembled Paulchen bike carrier is removed within one minute, or re-attached to your vehicle.

If you carry no cargo, the load frame can be folded. Due to the fold-in function, the vehicle is not significantly prolonged, so that, for example the parking is not difficult.

For mounting the Bike carrier on the Renault Espace IV no drilling need to be made. For the assembly you need only a 10er and 13er a socket wrench.

Low loader expansion

You can enhance your bike rack with the low loader module. With the expansion low loader then transport your bikes at a level comparable to bike racks, which are mounted on a trailer hitch (often even lower). On the low loader module maximum of 2 bicycles can be transported.


The extension type A allows transporting a third bicycle.


Please note that the gas pressure dampers that normally keep the tailgate open your vehicle may not hold the extra weight of the bike carrier. We recommend our tailgate tents, Item No .: 120150 that prevents the closing of the tailgate.

If your vehicle is equipped with a bus system (CAN-BUS, LIN BUS) and / or LED lamps must for connecting additional lighting our controllers are used (Item No. 331311). The controller is an electronic control that controls the auxiliary lighting independent of the on-board computer. The controller decreases the signal to the original lighting of the vehicle. The power is supplied by a 12V outlet in your vehicle. This can be a 12V socket in luggage compartment or a cigarette lighter.

Wall bracket for mounting the bicycle carrier in the basement or garage. The bike carrier on the wall bracket can then be used as a space-saving bike racks.

With the low loader lock back up the low loader expansion on the bicycle rack.

The theft protection for the base carrier, secures the bike carrier on the tailgate of the vehicle.

A vehicle specific installation instructions for the Espace IV is included in the delivery.




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